California State Fair in Sacramento


The California State fair is a 19-day event held every year in Sacramento at the Cal Expo. Travellers who really want to experience the true spirit of American living should not miss this opportunity. The fair is packed with events including exhibitions, competitions and contests, fireworks, horse racing, farm entertainment, music and food. There will be plenty of adrenaline for the more daring who may want to experience the bungee jump and gravity-defying eurobungy trampoline or a take a drive at full speed on the speed track, where you can hurtle round in a drag race car, going from 0-60 mph in less than 1.5 seconds. There is plenty of action for families and fun educational activities for kids of 12 and under.

The San Diego County Fair at Del Mar Fairgrounds


Get to a close encounter with the locals at the San Diego County Fair and enjoy the wide range of events including food, music, sports and dance. The 22 days of pure entertainment have already started on the 11th June and will continue through to the 5th of July at Del Mar Fairgrounds. A detailed list of the major events is available here. The San Diego International Beer Festival is one of the Highlights of the County Fair. Held over three days from the 25th of June to the 27th of June the juried event comprises 150 breweries showcasing over 350 beers including lagers and ales.  

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California Travel Guide

California situated on the west coast of the United States, washed by the Pacific Ocean has something to offer everyone, urban landscapes, sea, good weather, lively nightlife, big shopping malls, culture, sports and great natural spaces like the Yosemite National Park, Palm Springs and the Death Valley. Both urban and wild, California has the sea and the mountains at the door of its cities that benefit from wide open spaces and a good climate.

The variety and the size of the Golden State, make it impossible to visit all in one go, however long your holiday may be. To make the most of your trip it would be advisable to prepare a journey plan selecting the city or cities (according to the time at your disposal) you intend to see and the sites you intend to take in. To help with your search we have put together selected destinations inclusive of general information and the most interesting sites across various categories.

Due to the great attention that California and the rest of the United States attract from the media, particularly as the set to movies and TV programs, many of the locations are familiar not just by name but visually too, like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sunset Boulevard, Venice Beach, Santa Barbara and Malibu. The famous Golden Gate Bridge that dominates San Francisco Bay is a very well known site indeed. If we were to summarize California in an image we would certainly choose the deep blue sky and the all year round mild climate, which are the basic factors that contribute to the successful growth of this State which even during times of National recession has continued to prosper and develop. First the “gold fever”, then the development of the cinema industry and today the new technologies and the wine industry continue to boost the financial growth. Home to the Silicon Valley, the centre of the technological development and economic growth of the US can in fact be narrowed to the area between San Diego and San Francisco. California continues being the force behind the legendary American Dream and attracts millions of visitors every year.

On this website we have gathered some useful information on California’s history, culture and major events taking place there. Each individual destination comes with information about airports, transport, places of interest, museums complete with addresses and eating out tips. You can browse through our selection of pictures and even check out our maps which are fully interactive: you can search the place you need to find on the map and even have a close up satellite view. Try it now for an aerial view of the locations that interest you!